Are you ready?

The Junkyard was built to help you push past your limits and reach your full potential. So what's stopping you?


The Junkyard was created with YOU in mind. Whether it's your first class at a fitness studio, or your 100th, we will meet you where you are and take you further than you ever thought was possible.


With the guidance and help of our supportive instructors and staff, you’ll run faster and lift heavier… and you won’t do it alone.

The Workout

25% Treadmill, 25% Bike, 25% Row, 25% Strength Training  Every day is different, one day we may have double mats, the next day we may head outside for some vitamin D. We like to keep you guys on your toes ;)


CULTURE. The one word that we at The Junkyard live by. We try our best to create this inside and outside the studio and we would love for you to come join us.